#Dinnertime blues 

I worked all day today. Finished up my final article just before it was time to start dinner. We decided on tacos tonight because they were quick and easy. 

I chopped up red, orange, yellow, and green peppers. I cried while I sliced a beautiful purple onion. I put all these colorful and delicious veggies into the pan. I added ground beef and simmered until the meat was done. I added a packet of taco seasoning and water and simmered until it was thickened. It had no flavor. 

Truth be told, there was probably an equal amount of veggies to the pound or so of meat. I added another packet and more water. Simmered it down again. 

The husband warmed up a package of whole wheat flour tortillas. He chopped up fresh romaine lettuce. Set out the Colby jack cheese and the sour cream. 

I put a scoop of meat mixture on each tortilla and started handing out plates. Everyone could build their own tacos that way. 

My girlfriend had to go out of town for the night to take care of business. Her daughter is here with us. She of course ate right. No complaints. Just a comment that her mom doesn’t put the peppers and onions in the meat because her brothers wouldn’t eat it then. 

But my daughter threw a temper tantrum. She hates peppers. I ALWAYS put the peppers and onions in the taco meat. I like the way they pick up the flavor of the seasonings. It’s a perfect blend of veggies for taco night. 

I told her that she could starve if she preferred. The rules have always been the same. You eat what I serve or you don’t eat. What makes kids think that they can change the rules? She acts like I haven’t been…

  • Putting peppers in her tacos all of her life
  • Making my kids eat what was served because I’m not a short order cook

She’s testing her boundaries. Pushing buttons. Trying so hard to be the boss of her own life. 

It’s just a phase. She’ll outgrow it. And until she does, she will spend an awful lot of time grounded. 


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