Why #hire a #writer?

It’s about that time again. Time for me to do a little bit of advertising on my blog. I’m picking up steady enough work through a service, but my preferred method is to work directly with the client. This is because I really like being able to discuss ideas and provide the best pieces for the client’s needs. Today, I’m going to discuss what types of jobs you may need a writer for. 


Copy is everything from websites and brochures to emails and advertisements. Copy is something that you are looking to get out in front of customers time and again. Copy is the more permanent parts of your writing needs.

Many companies hire copywriters to provide fresh content to draw clients into their website. This is where SEO becomes important. Keyword stuffing will also play a huge role in copy. The pages of most websites are written by copywriters.

For copywriting jobs, you generally need to provide your writer with details about what your company is, what services they provide, or any other details that may be unique to you. A copywriter may then research the types of services you provide to add to your content.

Content Writing

Content is new fresh material. These are the blog posts and articles you provide to your clients as a way of drawing in new customers and of keeping your current customers coming back. This is important for any company that would like to attract and retain their customers and/or visitors.

Often times these are blog articles that somehow link to your service. A medical office may request content that discusses common questions their patients ask or current trends in treatment. A website that provides a service may want articles that discuss the new advancements in their field.

For content, you just have to provide the subject to be researched and a general idea of the size article you are looking for.Often times, a company will employ a team of content writers to keep things fresh on their site.

Product Reviews

These are exactly what they sound like. Product reviews can be short testimonials declaring how great (or awful) a product is. More often than not, product reviews are written for blogs and contain a lot of useful information about the product. They are neutral by nature (not salesy). They generally end with a call to action to click the link and purchase the product. The client will then provide a link to their Amazon affiliate site and make a little money each time the product is purchased.

For product reviews, you provide the name of the product. The product must really exist and be researchable. Your product review writer will then research not only the product but also the reviews posted by customers and provide you with an article that explains the purpose of the product, the pros and cons of using the product, who might benefit from the product, and the features of the product with emphasis on any special features unique to that particular product.

Hire me

Do you need fresh content for your blog? Is your copy not drawing in the traffic you were hoping for? Do you need product reviews to link to your affiliate page or to share on your own store page? I’m here to help.

You can contact me for a free quote. Email me at TiffanyHiggins_freelancewriter@yahoo.com.

Estimated prices:


I call everything articles when talking about it because that is just how my brain works. I have been asked if I am aware that they are not always articles I write. The answer is yes I do know that. Still it is easiest to give them all a name, and article is what my brain has chosen to name them.

When you hire me, you retain all copyrights to the material. You are free to publish it under your own name or whatever name you choose. Contact me today to discuss your content needs.



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