Things are looking up! 

I knew this move would be good for us. I knew that a fresh start was just what we needed. Well, it turns out it really was just what I needed!

I’ve been working pretty steady all week. I’m getting an alright paycheck on Friday.  Today, I picked up a new regular client. They want me to be a part of a team of writers on their blog. They were really pleased with the article I provided earlier this week. 

But I was intending to save all of that for tomorrow’s blog. It’s late and I’m so very tired. I thought I’d check my email one last time before giving my husband the look and heading to bed. 

Truth is I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this. But I was too excited not to share. I received an email today offering me the position of copywriter for their company’s website. 

I took a quick glance over their page and already my brain has started to come up with a plan. It looks like I’m going to be working pretty steady. At least for a while. 


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