#Happy #Humpday

Yesterday, I was chatting away while putting the mayonnaise on my bagel at lunch. It was one of those squirt bottles, so I didn’t have to pay it much attention. I grabbed a knife from the drawer to spread the mayo. I turned back to my bagel and it’s smiling at me.


This isn’t like the leprechaun in the trees. [Read about that here] This is a smile plain and simple. Everyone can see it. I snapped a picture before smearing his smile all over my sandwich.

I’m Smiling, Too

That’s just how today feels. It’s been a good start to the week. Today we have hit hump day. My clients have all been really happy with my articles. One even proclaimed Excellent work! Love what you did with it :). And all of my clients have been paying in a timely fashion.

But, what makes this work week really great is that all of my clients are responding to emails quickly. Sometimes you just have to make a judgment call because you are on a deadline and they don’t get back to you in time.

The client who said she loves what I did with her article. She had an idea, but when I read her proposal I had a vision. When I contacted her, she said run with it. I did. It turned out really great. I am so pleased to hear that she thought so, too.

Planting that Smile on my Face

Today I have an order that is quite tall. The money is decent. The client did a boatload of research already. I’ve sent him an email to ask a quick question (remembering to include a warning that if I don’t hear from him I will be doing it the way I see best), and now I wait for his reply.

I started pouring over his research and checking out some of the links he provided for me to do a little more of my own after I got our daughter off on the bus. Shot him off a quick email. Decided to come here while I wait for his response. I like it here. This is like coming home. I write what I want. I don’t have to worry about editing or rewriting. I just share my thoughts. It keeps me happy.

Delay No More

My computer didn’t want to recognize that it was plugged into the wall. Warning me that my battery was down to 7% and my laptop would go into hibernation mode if I didn’t plug it in soon. It was plugged in! I was freaking out a little bit.

I’ve chosen a different plug. I’m up to a whopping 39% now! I’ve rambled on in this blog post and delayed as much as I could. Time to start organizing my client’s thoughts. (He provided plenty of notes but warns that they are not in any kind of order)

He’s looking for an article from 1500-1900 words. He provided a great content brief with a beautiful structure outline to follow. I really have no excuse not to get to work. With that being said, I can delay no more. I’m off to write for his blog now.

Have a smiley 🙂 hump day!


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