and that’s a #wrap

Today wasn’t as productive as yesterday. Today I picked up an article between 900 and 1100 words. The article itself was about what happens after death. Really it was a two part article, and I did my best to give both parts their proper attention. The first half was about what happens to your body. The death, the decay, the return to earth, and the recycling of the body into something new (assuming there is no embalming and burial).

The second half

But oh that second half was a doozy. (sp?) The second half covered near death experiences. They wanted me to define what happens after we die. Do we reunite with loved ones? Is the out of body experience reported by survivors of NDE real? What about that famed light full of love and peace; does it really exist?

To top it off, I had to remember that I was not the author of this piece. I couldn’t share my own NDE. My opinion on the subject was irrelevant. I could not say this is what happened to me, because it did not happen to the person whose name will appear on the article.

Let the waiting begin

Now, I just sit and wait. I wait to see if they enjoyed the article. I wait to see if I’ve met their expectations. I wait to see if they will be upset that I went 20 words over their highest word count. Sometimes these things happen. I wait for payment to clear.

That’s the other part that stinks about working for a content mill. They allow them to decide if they will pay for the work you put in. I don’t mind rewrites, but sometimes I may spend days working on an article. I think they should have to pay me for my work.

It’s true, I only managed one article today. Though, I suppose I could work on another one and complete it before crawling (exhausted) into bed tonight. I think I’ll just take the evening for myself.

On the other side

Our daughter had an excellent second day of school. She is actually enjoying going to school. She loves her teachers and she is quickly building new friendships. As I write this she is out on a bike ride with a couple of kids from the neighborhood. She is finally finding a place for herself in this world.

She was nervous about the move. In truth, we were all a little trepidatious moving so far from everything we’ve known. Knowing nobody but the friend who was taking us in. We still have a ways to go in building up our new lives here, but it goes an awfully long way to see our daughter finally succeeding, finally happy.

All we want for our children

Success and happiness. As parents is there much more we could ask for for our children? She feels a sense of belonging. That’s so important, and it is something we haven’t seen much of in her life. She’s always on the outside. She’s always so lonely and frightened. I would love to see her find her way and overcome her anxieties. I would love to see her building relationships and loving her life again.

Sometimes I miss the sweet innocent girl that was always so eager to make a new friend. That was always so eager to play with the new kids at the playground. That little angel that always had a smile on her face and love in her heart. Bad experiences stole that innocence from her long before she or I were ready to see it go. But she’s building anew.

We may never see the innocence come back. You can’t unsee what has been seen. You can only move forward in life. We’ve been trying to teach her that. Letting go of the past and building towards the future. She seems to understand that now. She seems to feel like this can be a place for that. I feel a renewed sense of hope watching her. That childlike gleam is back in her eyes. The excitement of childhood has returned.

I know it’s only the second day of this new school. I know that we still have such a long road ahead of us. For the first time in a long time, I am excited to see what the future holds for my little girl.

Now if I can just get my boy to move on to the next phase of his life. (aka my 18 year old son needs to get a job)



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