Feels like a #Monday

Let me start by saying that our daughter had an excellent first day at her new school. The staff all reported that she had no problems at all. She and her teacher reported that she did well asking for breaks when she started to become overwhelmed and she never allowed herself to get to the point of an anxiety attack. Put one in the win column and hope for a repeat tomorrow.

Since we are settled in here at my friend’s house, I needed to get back to writing again. Remember yesterday I tried my hand at her English assignment [read it here] to get my writing mojo going again. Today I was back to work as usual. 

Picked up a few articles

I got up this morning and got our daughter up and ready for school. We drove her in for this first day (we are also driving her tomorrow and then she’ll be riding the bus after that). When I got back, I drank down a cup of coffee while I hunted up articles to write.

The first article I wrote today was for an online wine retailer. They needed a new detail page for a particular bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. That one was actually kind of fun because I researched that particular wine, but I also researched the vineyard/winery where it is grown and produced. I got to write a pretty detailed page for them.

The second article I picked up told me the website I would be writing for and gave me one keyword “sentence” to include somewhere in the text. Beyond that, they gave me creative license to write an article that would be great for the page without giving me any particular subject matter to write about (beyond the keyword “sentence”). That one didn’t take me too long because I had free creative license over the blog post.

The third one took me a little bit longer. It was a short article of only 275 words.The small amount of information required should have made for an easy write. It didn’t. First, I had to contact the client because my creative vision wasn’t quite matching up to the instructions. I was so positive that my idea was a great one that I went to work while I waited for a response. My first draft contained 550 words. While dinner cooked (thankfully cooked by my husband and my friend’s son), I began revising and cutting down on the words. It took the client almost 4 hours to respond to my inquiry, but when they did I was given the go ahead. At that point, I was almost finished revising and had a mere 50 words to clip during final edits. It took me about another hour, but I’m really satisfied with how the article turned out.

But, it is a Monday

And Monday wouldn’t be complete without the realization that I dropped the ball on something. Well, that’s how my Mondays seem to go, anyways. I had a blog post I should have posted today, but it is late, and I am tired. So, for the moment I am going to simply thank Mira over at findingbreathless for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award and promise that I will try so very hard to remember to write the blog post that goes along with it tomorrow.

As I’m watching  the clock tick away and knowing I have to be up in the morning to get our daughter off to school, I must force myself to stop my rambling and head to bed. I fear that my fingers have become so accustomed to typing today that this post could continue on forever if I don’t force myself to click publish, shut down my computer, and crawl into bed.

Goodnight and sweet dreams.




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