What is wrong with people?

Today’s post is kind of rant like. I apologize for that. But, seriously, what is wrong with people?

First, let me tell you about the setup of our home. Our driveway runs behind our house. Our mailbox is at our driveway, outside the back door. Admittedly we don’t use the front door here. 

Our mail lady actually uses our driveway to cut through and reach the private road that runs along one side of our house. The other road (where she enters our driveway) is a one way street. 

We aren’t unreasonable. If you are trying to get from one of those roads to the other you are welcome to walk through our driveway as long as you’re not destroying or vandalizing our place, whatever. 

This morning, I took our daughter to the bus stop (like I’ve done every morning since school has been back in session). When I arrived back home, I found a turd at the edge of the driveway (on the side where the one way road is). Okay, I guess stray turds happen. 

Then I arrived near the mailbox. The smell got me first. I mean it was horrible (and so obviously fresh). I gagged, almost lost the cup of coffee I downed before taking her to the bus stop. Sure enough, there is a HUGE pile of shit directly in front of our mailbox. 

No, our dog’s chain does not allow him to reach there. No, no one took the dog out while I was gone. Someone allowed their dog to crap right there in front of our mail box, AND they just walked away and left it there. 

Who does that? We bring bags with us when we take the dog anywhere. We actually have this nifty little baggy despensor that attaches right to the leash. It’s shaped like a little bone. 

It’s bad enough when people leave their dog’s mess in public walking areas. But this is private property. That is our mailbox and driveway and edge of our porch sidewalk. 

If I knew who had done it, I swear I’d resort to high school shenanigans and light them a nice bag of dog poop on their front porch. 

Clean up after your dog or don’t have one!! 


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