#BacktoSchool Success

I am happy to report that our daughter had a successful first day of school. It was rough as first days can be. But, she handled it well and had a good day.

When she arrived home, she wasn’t all smiles and excitement like I had hoped she would be. She wasn’t talking a mile a minute trying to tell us all about her day. Instead, we heard snippets throughout the evening.

Making New Friends

When her father asked her if she made any friends, she said no, not really. This is going to sound weird, but I’m glad she said that. Throughout the night, she was telling us about people from school. She was especially telling us about one particular girl.This girl showed her where to pick up her breakfast, gave her a mini tour of the school, and helped her out where she could. This sounds like a great start to forming a friendship.

Too often, kids automatically classify any other kid who is kind to them as friend. That’s not always the case and can lead to pain and heartache later on when the friendship doesn’t actually develop. When they see the person as more of a friend than they actually are. That’s why I am proud of her for recognizing that one day of school was not enough to actually form a friendship. I do hope that the girl and her continue to bond and do form a friendship. I hope she makes many friends. I want her to develop real friendships with them.

The Bus

She’s not had to rid the bus to school in the past. We’ve always lived near enough to the school to either walk or drive (depending on the weather). She wasn’t a big fan of the experience. It bothered her that there were no seat belts. She complained that the bus driver started moving before she’d made it to her seat. She didn’t care for the fact that the bus driver makes the big kids sit in back and wants the younger ones up front.

She said that the bus was hot and miserable. She admitted to feeling grumpy on the way home. I asked her if she acted grumpy towards her fellow riders. She said she just stared out the window and felt grumpy and miserable.

Before bed last night, she told me about some of the inappropriate conversations the 6th graders were having on the bus. She said they were discussing how babies are made and giggling and laughing about it. She said they did that thing where you make a circle with the fingers of one hand and use the finger of the other hand to slide in and out of the circle you’ve made. She rolled her eyes. She didn’t understand what was so funny about talking about it. I think it’s all about the parents approach to teaching (or avoiding) it.


I didn’t understand it so now I have to do it for homework. My poor little girl. She said her classmates tried to help her, but she just didn’t know what answers to write. After snack (I baked peanut butter swirl brownies to celebrate the first day of school) we pulled out her homework. Immediately I understood what the problem was.

He schoolwork (which became her homework) was those dang About Me pages. They were set up to be fun newspaper articles with fill in the blank answers that made the news article all about you. Some of us just don’t know how to talk about ourselves.

She had filled out the easy parts. Favorite game, favorite color, favorite food, etc.. She struggled to fill in the section that wanted her to come up with an invention. She didn’t know what people liked about her. She didn’t know what made her a good friend or family member.

I used it as an opportunity to talk with her about all the things I love about who she is. I helped her approach the paper in a new and different way. Homework time itself didn’t take long. We’ll be lucky if it is always that easy.

Back to School Success

Overall I would say she had a pretty successful first day of school. She wasn’t happy or excited to be back to school. She’s still nervous that it is going to be like it was at her old school. However, when we woke up this morning she was already dressed and sitting on her bed waiting for us. She was watching the clock and trying to get out to the bus stop early. Maybe she enjoyed her first day back in school a bit more than she realizes. I’m hoping day two will be even better.


2 thoughts on “#BacktoSchool Success

  1. So happy your little one had such a good day! I totally agree with you that it is actually a good thing that she didn’t necessarily say “yes I made 5 new friends today!”, even as adults it’s sometimes blurry the line between acquaintance and friend, and it’s always a bit heartbreaking when you aren’t on the same page with someone.

    I hated the bus as a kid, and I hardly ever wrote it. Good luck with day 2!

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