Writer’s block?

I’m not sure if I’m suffering from writer’s block or if it’s just lack of motivation. Maybe it’s not even motivation I’m lacking, just inspiration. Take my blog for example. I started to write a post and it seemed like it was all just rambling. I had almost 500 words, but I’d really said nothing at all. I deleted that post. I posted the recipes instead.

I’m sitting here. I’ve got this blank page in front of me, and I’m not sure what to write. I constructed an email earlier that’s going to leave the recipient begging for a break. I definitely am not lacking words.

Perhaps I said all I needed to say today in that private correspondence. Did I give her all my thoughts? Or maybe I’ve been so focused on back to school that my mind is coming up blank when I try to come up with something else to focus on. I’ve finally gotten everything she needs for school to start on Tuesday. All I have left to do is laundry so that all of her new clothes are clean for school.

I want to say something thoughtful. I want to inspire my readers to think about my words or the impact my words have on them long after they’ve read them. I want to share something meaningful with all of you.

I guess today is not the day for that. So, I’m sending out the challenge for you to find something that inspires you. Find a photo or a post that speaks to your heart, your soul, the very essence that is you.

If you find it, please share a link in the comments below. I’m feeling so very uninspired today. Maybe even a little bit empty. For now, I’m going hunting for words to fill the void inside by visiting the many blogs I follow (in between loads of laundry).


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