#BacktoSchool continued

Today we finished back to school shopping and paperwork. We also bought a few new outfits. 

Today’s post is about the paperwork. So much to read and discuss when getting ready for a new school year. New teacher, new rules, new expectations. But the big thing for me is the Google ID they require so they can save assignments to share between home and school. 

Here’s my problem. She’s 10. She’s not old enough for a Google ID. There’s a reason Google has such strict age rules on creating IDs. It’s because our government has laws regarding children and internet usage. If the federal government says that they cannot have an internet accountant, how can the schools require one?

I created one. I lied and said she was born in 1979 (the year I was born). If schools are wanting to use Google docs to send work home, then someone needs to convince Google to create an ID section that is just for school and school docs. 

What do you think?


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