#BacktoSchool Jitters

I’m really not sure who is more nervous about school starting next week, our daughter or me. In the past, we haven’t had the greatest experiences with the public school systems we’ve lived in. Our daughter has been homeschooled the last year and a half. But she’s ready to go back to school and I want to be encouraging and supportive. 

Open House

Tonight was open house at her new school. The staff all seemed friendly. Her teacher was warm and welcoming. We spent about an hour meeting people and walking around the school. She signed up to receive information about Girl Scouts. We even checked out the playground (because this is extremely important when checking out a new school). When we left open house she was chatting excitedly about the approaching school year. 

First Day

I have been watching as friends post their first day pictures and announcements and I’ve fretted. Her first day is Tuesday, and I’m suffering from first day jitters already. I didn’t sleep last night in anticipation of meeting her teacher. My stomach was in knots all day. I swear it feels like I’m going back to school. It was like that with my son, too. Am I the only parent who suffers first day jitters like a school kid? 

She’s excited, so I am excited for her. I hope that her 5th grade year is as wonderful as she is imagining it will be.  


4 thoughts on “#BacktoSchool Jitters

    1. I think that’s entirely a personal opinion kind of thing. Personally, I believe that children should be in school. It’s important to social development. Also, there is the benefit of learning from someone who was actually taught to teach. I’m not the greatest of teachers. We only homeschooled out of necessity. I’m sure for many homeschool is the better option and they would entirely disagree with what I said above. We are from farm country, so there is not a lot of homeschool groups for socialization. Densely populated areas actually have homeschooling groups that get together. There are some great curriculums available that allow non-teachers to teach well. I think that the answer to your question is probably different for each child and every family. Sorry I can’t answer more definitively than that. 🙂

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      1. No that’s a pretty good answer. I agree with the need for children to get social development.
        Also, to home school children you really do need a professional.
        Thanks for answering, this is something I have been wondering about a lot.

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