Many ways to #Follow Tiffany Higgins, writer

You can follow my blog in your WordPress reader or by email notification. Many of you already do. I am grateful for my loyal readers. I’ve really enjoyed connecting with you while I’ve been learning how to blog. Growing my blog and readership is my main focus. I’ve finally gotten into a good posting rhythm. I have also been expanding my presence around the web. While I’m still sorting out which content goes where I figure it is probably time to put these links all together in one post for you.

  • Pinterest: I do post some of my articles to Pinterest. Mostly I use it to pin recipes, educational links, fun activities and more from my explorations around the web. It is a new account. I pinned a lot from my old account, but I’m still working on organizing my pins and boards.
  • Twitter: My blog automatically shares each post to Twitter. On occasion I will use #hashtags during promotions and other events to give my readers a chance to connect with me and each other. I will occasionally post status updates here.
  • Facebook: My blog automatically shares each post to Facebook. I just started this page. It will most likely be where I post the most status updates about what I am working on or doing (Facebook is my comfort zone).
  • Tumblr: My blog automatically posts to Tumblr. At this time, that’s about all I use it for. I’m happy with WordPress, but heard that I should give my readers the opportunity to follow me there. I may occasionally post there to get a feeling for the site.

My goal is to connect with you, my readers, wherever you follow me. I love feedback. I want you to be able to connect with me on the platform where you relax. I want you to have the opportunity to share my content with your readers wherever they are. Click any link to follow me around the web.


I love feedback. Leave a Reply

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