Pardon my tardiness

I haven’t written yet today or yesterday I suppose it is, depending on how you look at it. Actually I have written. That’s really why I’m so late. I’ve been planning some things, writing some posts out ahead of time. This includes a birthday celebration (and you’re invited). But you’ll have to just wait to hear more about that.

Today we enrolled our daughter in school. She’s been home schooled for the last year and a half. The personnel in the office were so very nice. I explained to the secretary why we’d been homeschooling. She immediately knew who’s class to put her in and that she didn’t even want her old school records. I won’t get into details, but she had some rather rough kindergarten through third grade experiences. I am happy to be leaving her records behind and letting her start fresh. It will be good for her. I’m nervous but excited to have her going back to school again.

After that we ran some errands, paid some bills, and hit the grocery store. So glad that tomorrow is payday (or today, depending on how you look at it). Spent just about all we had left. This economy has to get better some time right? I swear the cost of our cart was far more expensive than last month. Is it just me?

I’m off to bed. Just didn’t want to be writing blog posts all night and not actually post one.


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