#NationalDogDay: Meet Bear B

I saw this in my news feed this morning


My first thought was: I think they’d notice the lack of clean clothes. To be honest I think they already have. So today will be a cycle of wash, write, dry, write, fold (repeat). I am currently in the write cycle. I also need to make a batch of chicken soup for dinner because we all seem to be coming down with a summer cold. My news feed also told me that today is National Dog Day, and I thought I’d honor my own sweet hybrid (border collie/chow chow) puppy with a post. How awesome is it that National Dog Day is just a few days before Bear B’s birthday. I think I’ll give him a bowl of soup tonight.

National Dog Day

Did you know that our furry friends had a day and that today is it? I didn’t. Who can keep up with all the national day of ____? I see it pop up in my news feed (usually Facebook) and then I respond. Today, I posted a picture of Bear B lounging on Twitter. That dog sure knows how to relax. For you I have chosen a picture of a dog and his girl. This picture is a few years old.


They were cuddling on the floor. And yes Bear is holding her head tightly. He curls his paws like fingers and has amazing grip strength. He does it to my leg when he wants me to wake up or doesn’t want me to stand up. Such a sweet dog he’s grown up to be.

Just like one of the children

Bear is a brat. A genuine pain in the butt. I love him dearly. But he is just like my other two kids. He argues with his parents. Yes, he even resorts to yelling at us if he feels like we just aren’t listening. He’s demanding. He wants to be fed on his schedule. Constantly complaining of starvation by flipping his empty bowl over. His epilepsy medicine makes him extremely thirsty so he will slurp up a bowl of water and immediately flip the bowl like we’ve been depriving him.

Rotten to the core

That little brat absolutely loves paper products; especially used tissues. He sneaks into the bathroom and we hear the click clack of his nails on the tile floor. We yell at him to stay out of the bathroom and it goes one of two ways. Either he comes booking it straight to us, grinning ear to ear, laughing just a little (I wasn’t doing anything). Or he plops down just out of sight and you go to check on him he’s chewing on something. His newest obsession is with used Qtips. This also goes one of two ways. You say drop it and he will either swallow it and run to the other side of the room before turning around to laugh, or he will spit it out and go sulk in the corner with an apologetic look on his face (please don’t be mad).

He’s got personality

He’s a member of the family. We call ourselves Mama and Daddy when we talk to him. He’s got his girl and his boy. The name Bear B is actually a combination of Bear and baby, which is what I was trying to call him as he ran around the house like a maniac because someone had said the word outside. He’s protective of us. He enjoys long walks in the woods and playing in the snow. His favorite season is winter. He will place himself perfectly in order to be buried when my husband or son is shoveling the porch. He will just lay there, as buried as he can manage, and not move at all. That’s his signature move. Not moving. He will lay there, perfectly still and force you to step over him. Just as you go to put your foot down on the other side, he rearranges so you step on him then looks at you like you’re the jerk. When he does decide to move out of the way, he is so concerned and excited about what you might be doing that he plows into everything; walls, doors, furniture, people, etc…

We almost lost him

My poor puppy suffers from epilepsy. Maybe I can’t call an almost 7 year old, 72 lb dog a puppy anymore, but he’ll always be a puppy to me. My kids will always be my kids (even the 18 year old who assures me he is not a kid anymore). When his first seizures hit, it was terrifying. We got him to the vet and started him on medication. When he suffered from more than 20 seizures in a 24 hour period of time before we could get him to the vet, we thought we were going to lose him. When he left in my husband’s arms to go to the vet we said our goodbyes. We were crying and scared. It was a really hard day. The vet was able to stabilize his seizures with heavy doses of intravenous medication. He also adjusted the doses on his daily meds. Bear was so drugged from all that they did to stop his seizures that my husband had to carry him to the car and back into the house. He just lay around for a few days. I know someday we are going to lose him, and it breaks my heart just thinking about it.


Bear will live forever in Bully Troubles. And I think I’ve figured out how to begin book number two in the Adventures of Bear B & Stone series. I try to really let their personalities shine when I write. Each character is inspired by animals and people I’ve met along the way. It’s been 3 years since we released Bully Troubles and I never found the inspiration to write book number two. I’ve had a couple of ideas, but never really got started. Stone passed away last October, just after his 18th birthday. I think I will keep him alive and immortalize the two with the next segment working through Bear’s disability. It was one of my ideas before, but I couldn’t figure out where to begin. I think I have it now. Oh, but getting started…




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