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Today started the Kindle Countdown Deal for I Love the Changing Seasons kindle edition.


I Love the Changing Seasons is about all the wonderful changes each season brings. Children will learn about the seasons while enjoying the fun rhyming rhythm of the story.

Kindle Countdown Deal

The Kindle Countdown Deal starts the first day at a low price of only $0.99 (£0.99) and then increases daily until it returns to its regular price. There is a timer posted beneath the price on the Amazon page that tells you how long until the next price increase and what the price will become. Buy your I Love the Changing Seasons kindle edition on Amazon.



These are some of my personal favorites:

“Miles and I have read I Love the Changing Seasons  about 15 times. I love the fact he points at each page. Miles loves the illustrations and mommy loves the sweet little rhymes about the seasons. This book is short and sweet – perfect to keep the attention of a little guy.”
~Miles Cassells (age 2) and Mom for Reader Views


I Love the Changing Seasons. This came at a great time for my family. We have an 11 yr old grandson with down syndrome and he is struggling right now with “whens”. He had been asking me when is it going to be summer again? When can I build a snowman? So when this book came I sat with him and read it to him, it helped him to understand what season comes first. He now knows how the seasons fall. What a great way to explain and show him our four beautiful seasons. Thank you for this perfect way to explain to a child. Keep up the great readings.

~Elaine Bolduc (on Facebook)
“I liked this book and the pictures too!!! I want to read this book as many times as I can!!!”

~’Gloppy’ (age 5)



I Love the Changing Seasons is actually dedicated to the first elementary school we spoke at. We were so nervous. Neither of us knew what to expect. The kids were absolutely wonderful. They asked some really great questions. The school invited us to join their Christmas party that night. We set up a table so that the parents could see/purchase our books. The kids brought in their artwork and stories to share with us. It was such an amazing and wonderful experience.

Award Winning

I Love the Changing Seasons is a recipient of the 2013 KART Kids Book List Award


The KART Kids Book List was a free yearly competition from 2010 – 2014 that was assembled to introduce children’s books with age appropriate content that we considered memorable and would enhance the gift of learning as a child grows. Titles for the list were picked by the KART Foundation selection committee.

You can learn more about the Kids are Readers Too (KART) Foundation on their website.



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