The many ways I use coconut oil

Not too long ago in the recipe Lemon Butter Chicken Pasta I promised to write a post explaining why I use coconut oil and the benefits of doing so. I try to keep a jar in the kitchen, the bedroom, and the bathroom.


Makeup Removal

Coconut oil easily removes all makeup. This includes stubborn eye makeup and those lipsticks designed to stay put. Not only does it remove makeup quickly and easily, but it’s also a great moisturizer. The antibacterial and antifungal qualities help combat acne (because let’s be honest not just teenagers suffer). All you have to do is slather on the coconut oil all over your face. Then use a cold washcloth to remove all the dirt and grime. Follow up with a warm washcloth to open up your pores and allow the coconut oil to combat the acne. (if it gets in your eye it won’t burn, but more on that later)

Hair Care

I was hesitant to put oil in my hair. I worried that it would look or feel too greasy. Then, my daughter used up the last of the conditioner. When you have curls, there is no way that you will get a comb through without conditioner. I gave the coconut oil a try. It worked great. As an added benefit, coconut oil reduces frizz and it even manages to keep my wild curls under control. (there is coconut oil in my hair in my photo on this blog) Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for your scalp and hair. It also can help repair split ends. Using coconut oil as a leave in conditioner (and in place of drying gels and mousse). To apply, pull your hair back like you are putting it into a pony tail and apply about a quarter sized amount down your tresses. Do not apply it to your scalp because it will leave your hair looking oily.


Coconut oil is antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. I use it on cuts in place of antibiotic ointment and bandages. (bandaids won’t stick to coconut oil) It speeds up the healing, keeps it protected and actually slows and stops bleeding as well. It clears up pink eye faster than those drops the doctor prescribes. I’m highly allergic to medications with sulfur in them, so I could not even give my children eye drops when they developed pink eye. You can apply coconut oil directly in the eye. It will leave your vision blurry for about a half hour, but otherwise you won’t even notice it. It provides instant relief to the itching and burning. It also works great for yeast infections. After a bath or shower, simply insert a small piece of coconut oil just inside the lips. For particularly bad infections, this may need to be repeated during the day. It provides instant itch relief and will clear up the infection in as little as 24 hours.


I use coconut oil as my main cooking oil. For some things I do a half coconut oil half butter mixture. Consuming coconut oil has many great health benefits. It provides a great boost in energy. It helps to regulate blood sugars. (I’m hypoglycemic) It also helps promote healthy weight loss. I’ve actually lost 3 jeans sizes since I started cooking with coconut oil. (that’s a tight size 20 down to a loose size 14). And before you worry, it doesn’t make your food taste like coconut. It has a very mild flavor and you won’t even notice the difference. It also adds a creaminess to foods like mashed potatoes and oatmeal.

This is just a short list of the many benefits of coconut oil. If you would like to read more about coconut oil check out this article on 77 Coconut Oil Uses and Cures.



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