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Today, I have been working on my presence around the web. Mostly my time has been devoted to pinterest. I have been repinning all of my pins over to my blog’s pinterest account. If you have been following me on pinterest, please follow my new account as I will be deleting the old. If you don’t follow me yet, here is your chance to find great recipes (that I try to keep organized) and educational things I find for my daughter (currently crammed no one board, will try to get around to organizing it soon)

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Delicious recipes, fun activities for kids, and links to some of my blog articles…

[Follow me there]

There was just some things I didn’t want to lose from over there when I delete that account. As I explore the web, my pin collection will grow.

I’ve also posted a board with links to my books on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but be sure to read this announcement for information on our celebratory promotion that is happening right now.

I do not intend to post every article to pinterest, so I strongly encourage you to follow my blog or my tumblr or twitter account to be alerted whenever I post a new blog article.


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