What’s a #weekend?

All through my news feed I see celebratory posts announcing that the weekend has arrived. These posts are guaranteed to be followed by a groaning post about Mondays. As a freelance writer I don’t live on a weekly calendar like most of my friends. 

My week end

There really is no significance to any given day of the week for me. Yesterday I wrote 4 articles for 4 separate clients while most were declaring it a NO WORK Saturday. I try to stay aware of the days, though often fail miserably. Take last week for example. If I want to get paid, I must declare that I’d like my funds released into my PayPal account. This has to be done by midnight on Thursday. The funds are then released on Friday. Friday afternoon I stopped by to release my funds only to realize that it was indeed Friday and not Thursday. Oops. Now I don’t get paid until next Friday.

Living without a schedule

The life of a freelance writer is pretty unscheduled. I accept an assignment. The assignment comes with a deadline. That’s about the only effect writing has on my schedule. I can choose to write at 2 in the afternoon or 4 in the morning. I write while I cook dinner. I write while my family talks around me. Since the internet is only required for submissions I can write wherever I can take my laptop. With Google in the palm of my hand, I can do any necessary research on my cell (or my husbands since I forgot to pay myself and haven’t replaced my fried phone yet).

Freelance is freedom

I actually at an apple as I typed some of this post. There was no boss to yell at me for eating at my desk (admittedly, I have no desk). I have a house full of assistants (my daughter washed and brought me my apple). I just set my laptop aside for about half an hour, open to the drafting of this post. There were no nosy coworkers peeking, trying to steal my ideas to take the credit for them. My husband came and kissed me goodbye and not an eyebrow was raised.

I don’t punch a time clock. If I don’t feel like working, I simply don’t pick up an assignment or I negotiate on the deadline. If I’m writing an article and I need a break I take one. Ten minutes, ten hours; the choice is mine. If I’m struggling through and cannot produce a quality article, I withdraw. That simple. I just send an email to the client explaining to them why I cannot provide them with the article they deserve. Sometimes, they correct the issue and contact me again. Other times they agree and set out to find a writer who understands and can meet their needs and demands. Everyone wins.

My time is my own

I choose how I spend my time. If I want to spend it researching my newest article, that’s where I spend it. If I am in the mood to write, I write. If I want another article I go find one. If I don’t feel like writing, I don’t. And when I feel like chilling out with my Netflix, that’s what I do. Which is exactly what I am going to do now. Just as soon as I finish typing this up and help my daughter with a little prep because she’s cooking dinner tonight. Hope everyone is having a great weekend, whatever that word means to you.


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