#Announcement: #updated #Kindle #illustrated #children’s #books

First of all, let me apologize for the #hashtags. I will be occasionally using them in titles to spread the word a little wider on Twitter. I do promise that not all of my titles will contain them.

Now to get down to business. If you own the Kindle edition for any of our colorfully illustrated children’s books, then I have an announcement for you. If you do not own them yet, then you may wish to purchase them after you have heard the announcement.

A little background

Putting together an illustrated children’s book is a little tricky, especially for Kindle. You want the words to line up, you want everything to look beautiful on the screen. The Kindle editions of We’ve Seen Santa, I Love the Changing Seasons,  and Monster Beneath my Bed did not look good in digital format. It drove us crazy.

I learned a new trick

Other than a couple of edits, I didn’t have any pressing articles today (Thursday, August 18). I decided to spend a little time working on my own work today. With putting writing back out in front again I’ve been thinking about the books. I started thinking on ways to fix the way those 3 books come out in digital format. I spent all day today learning how to use the Kindle Kids’ Book Creator. Then, I experimented with We’ve Seen Santa looking for the right combination of files. I figured it out. I fixed all 3 books.

Available for purchase

In the case of illustrated books, I still believe that they look much better in print. Everything lines up so smoothly at the folds. Kindle does not offer the fold between the pages. However, they do look much nicer now. I will include both options in the links below. All of our titles are available to read for free with Kindle Unlimited and free to share with Kindle Lending Library.





Buy We’ve Seen Santa








Buy I Love the Changing Seasons








Buy Monster Beneath my Bed






While no changes were made to Bully Troubles, I thought I would also share the links for it here. There are black and white illustrations at the beginning of each chapter.

Front Cover



Buy Bully Troubles






It’s a celebration

We are celebrating that the digital books look so much better now. We would like to celebrate with all of you. From August 20th through September 3rd you will find countdown deals on each of these books. (oops… we hit a little snafu that caused the first celebratory deal to not run simultaneously in both countries)

  • We’ve Seen Santa; August 20-22 (UK August 21-23)
  • I Love the Changing Seasons; August 24-26
  • Monster Beneath my Bed; August 27-29
  • Bully Troubles; August 30-September 3

Countdown deals are Kindle exclusive deals. The US price starts at 99 cents on the first day of the countdown. Then, the prices increases each day until the deal is over.Kindle Countdown Deals are only available in the US and UK. Deals vary slightly in the UK.

Tell your friends

And we do love to hear reviews from our readers. You can post them here, on Amazon, on Goodreads or anywhere else you like to talk about the books you’re reading with your children. Word of mouth is a writer’s best friend.

If you know anyone who might be interested, you can easily share this blog post in any number of ways at the bottom. Thanks!


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