About my recipes (and other things)

I really like to cook. No, I LOVE to cook.I really don’t follow a recipe or even always go in with a game plan. When my family really likes a dish, I try to remember to write down what I did. That way I can do it again.

Posting my recipes

My family is probably grateful that I’m blogging again. It means that I’m writing down my recipes. Whenever I make a new dish, I write down what I did. If it’s a winner, I come here and post it. If it needs a little tweaking, I’ll try again until it’s right and then post it.

Posting someone else’s recipes

From time to time you will see me post other people’s recipes. I will never take credit for a recipe that is not my own. I will post a link to where I got it from and may include the things I did differently.

Recipes are merely guidelines

When I come across a new recipe, I try to stick to it. The only changes I will make are ingredients substitutes due to allergy or picky eaters. I will then tweak a recipe to meet what my taste buds are craving at the time, or make changes that I felt it needed, etc…

Mostly I just cook from the heart

Well, the heart and the tongue really. I can close my eyes and picture flavors blending together. The family chooses the evening’s main course and I choose the flavor blend and the complimentary sides to go with.

Limited Pantry

When the spring thaw happened and our kitchen flooded, I lost a big collection of my spices. As we are on a limited budget while trying to get back on our feet from a series of unfortunate events, my flavor palate is rather limited. I am slowly replacing them as I can.

Run with it

If my recipes inspire you to create something, use it as a jumping off point. If you want, share your changes with us in the comments section of the recipe or share a link to a similar recipe on your blog. Food is meant to be shared.

Use the share button at the bottom of any recipes to spread them around or keep them handy for yourself.


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