Remember that job interview where she told me that they would call me and tell me if I got the job or not? They didn’t call. Instead, last night I got an email.


We regret to inform you that at this time we will not be proceeding with your application for [position] at [location]. We intend on keeping your application on file in the event that potential candidates do not pan out. In the meantime, we want to wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

[signed x]

You didn’t win, but you’re a runner up.

I’ve got the qualifications. I’ve got the experience. I’ve got certifications they don’t even require. I was willing to work with and adapt to any schedule they wanted to give me. I would have been an asset to their company.

So, why did I get put in a file instead of become one of those potential candidates? And because they emailed me instead of called, I cannot even ask those questions. This was the job I wanted the most.

And the job market is so thin right now. I’ve got my resume and my application out allover 2 counties. Still, I don’t get calls for as many interviews as I’ve applied for. Instead, I wait. I’m so tired of waiting.

I just wish that someone would hire me. And, if you aren’t going to hire me, please tell me why. Is it something I am doing wrong in my interviews? Is there a mistake on my resume that makes me look bad? Is a previous employer badmouthing me?

Thanks for listening to me vent. I’m off to do the job I was hired to do. A 700 word article to be researched and written and turned in by tomorrow. Hoping to finish it today. Hope somebody else out there is having better luck than I am in the traditional job hunt.


7 thoughts on “annoyed

  1. I really understand your struggle and I too wish they would tell us why exactly they don’t pick us. What we could do better and things like that. It’s useful information and really helps to make us aware of where we are going wrong.

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  2. Very frustrating! I had an online job I was supposed to test for within a certain amount of time, but could not access the test with the logins they gave me. I contacted them and it took them forever to get back to me (and they were in the UK), and by the time I responded stating that I had tried all that before, and that I had tried it again (to no avail), they didn’t get back to me and time ran out. So, that was that. They were like…you missed the deadline…sorry. Ugh. Then I took a test for another job last Friday and passed it with flying colors. I get an email today. “Thank you for taking the test. However, we just realized you’re in Tennessee and we aren’t currently hiring in Tennessee.” Doh.

    So, I feel your pain about the job search. Not fun and very thin. I have my interview at the library on Thursday and I’m hoping, but not getting those hopes up too high, you know.

    Good luck with your continued job search. Hang in there!

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    1. Thanks Michelle. Good luck to you, too. It’s become painful, I swear. Hubby has an interview tomorrow. Meanwhile, we’re both picking up odd jobs trying to get through. Him helping a friend’s business when he needs a hand and me with the freelance articles and reviews. Neither pay much but we’re not starving or anything.


  3. Such real and nasty feelings! Frustration seems like the neighborhood bully of emotions, waiting around the corner to scare the **** out of a person. This may be of little value when the bully is armed, but a friend recently told me about her realtor-co-worker who was not particularly excited about selling real estate. But, she told great stories. She gave up on real estate and is now thriving as a novelist. Only you can know yourself, but maybe your “true north” is coming to defend you from that bully? Anyway, this is one reader going a tad crazy, cheering from your corner. 🙂

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