Back to the grind

So, I basically took yesterday off. I blogged and ran through other social media, but I didn’t work. I did pick up a new assignment though. This one is another product review for the same client whom I wrote the dog clippers review for. They really liked my writing style on the last one, so hopefully I can deliver something equally great for this new item. 

Waiting again

Much as I’d prefer it, I didn’t get started this morning in my usual manner. Instead, I got up this morning, drank myself some coffee, and spent the first half of my day preparing for my second job interview at the pharmacy.

I think the interview went well. She said they would be calling me in the next few days. Hopefully, this will include a start date for my training. It turns out there is a lot of training that goes into a pharmacy tech position. I will also be required by the state to obtain a license. Woohoo another license to add to my growing collection. This is me, waiting again.

Getting a late start today

So here it is 330 in the afternoon, and I have yet to begin my days work. Fortunately, the article itself isn’t due until Saturday afternoon. I haven’t even started the research yet. I am hoping that this product review will be as quick and easy to research and write as the previous article I wrote for the client.

Buckling down

On that note, I’m going to get off of here and get to work. I hope everyone is having a pleasant day. Time for me to disconnect from social media and get back to work.


3 thoughts on “Back to the grind

  1. May I ask where/how you acquired your assignment for the product review? I’m just now considering freelance writing, have no clue of where to begin but would love to start out with a not-as-strenuous assignment!


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