What a fitting word today’s The Daily Post one-word prompt is. It’s a word that’s ripe with possibility.



Remember the interview with the pharmacist in what a day it’s been? She said that she really thought I’d make a great addition to their team. She promised to express this to the hiring manager. I got a call from the hiring manager. She also happens to be the other pharmacist at the location. She wants to meet me. In fact, she wants to meet with me and the store’s general manager.

Maybe she’ll like me as much as the first pharmacist did. Maybe the general manager will like me, too. Perhaps I’ll get the job. It’s possible they will give me enough hours that I don’t need to find another. In that little word, that maybe, there is endless possibility. Between now and tomorrow afternoon I will fret over all of them.

There is always possibility

Just last night with shameless promotion I announced a new possibility I was conceiving for myself. It’s a business expansion. Just trying to grow my writing career into working directly with a client. I have been freelance writing for a couple of years now. It seems like it is time. Maybe direct orders will bring me the financial stability I’d like to see with my writing. Who knows? Maybe I won’t have to look for writing jobs anymore. Maybe they’ll come to me.

But it’s only part time

Maybe a part time job and a full time writing career is just what I need. At the interview, she said that it was only a part time job. Between 10 and 20 hours she said, assuring me that it would be closer to the 20. I’m thinking this probably means 2-3 days a week. That leaves me plenty of time to write.

In many ways, part time can be a good thing for my writing career. If I was attempting to work 40 plus hours a week at a traditional job, and I was still attempting to work on my writing it would leave me pretty exhausted. When writing, I lose track of the time and often look up to discover it is already 2 in the morning. Even when writing on my blog, I will look at the clock and be surprised to discover I have spent hours crafting one post.

A day in the life of a freelance writer

A work day is pretty full for me. It can be anywhere from ten to 12 hours long. I wake up and do the morning routine stuff. I get a little coffee in me. Already I am thinking about my day. Tossing around ideas about the article I’m working on. Thinking about things I’d like to share with all of you. I’m making little post-its in my phone. Soon, the phone isn’t big enough and I pull out the computer.

While that boots up, I make my rounds on social media. That thing I had given up not too long ago is now becoming paramount to my existence again. I reply to comments, I comment on posts, and I make sure everyone knows I’m still alive. [Plug: last night I made a twitter account for my blog @TiffanyHigginsw]

I come by here and write a post, all the while I keep pausing to make a note of something I thought of for the article I’m working on or even another post. My papers begin to spread across the bed. My current office. Our homes current living room. Everybody is in and out of here all day. They come to chill, they wander away. The XBox is in here.

After the post, I get to work on the article I’m writing. If I don’t currently have one, I head over to pick one up. I’m researching, I’m making outlines, I’m taking notes. I take a break to cook dinner and eat with my family. I will not turn my dinner into a working dinner. I need time with my family. My mini breaks throughout the day consist of conversations with my family, yelling at the dog to get out of the bathroom garbage, and checking in with social media. Usual these check ins include anecdotes about my current writing experience; such as the odd things Word thinks I should say.

Through all of this, next thing I know it’s two in the morning and I’m beat. So, I triple save everything and shut down my computer for the night. (Windows always seems to have updates to install at two in the morning). Make one last round through social media. Take notes in my phone for the following morning. Fall asleep to start it all over again.

What if I can’t make it work?

Maybe I can’t do it all. What if I’m too exhausted to work? My writing is important to me. It’s the thing I do that I love the most. It’s the career I want. It’s the reason I never do well with traditional employment. I don’t punch a clock. I don’t live the normal world’s schedule. I am scatterbrained and disorganized. I hide behind the fact that I am great at multitasking. Truth is sometimes I burn myself out trying.

I have to believe

It’s possible that part time employment is just what I need. There’s a chance I can make it work.  Faith can turn the shakiest of maybes into a definitely. Perseverance is the key to success. So, I am going to believe in myself. I’ll rewrite my schedule. It may be a struggle at first, but soon it becomes a habit. I am ready for this next chapter in my life.

Maybe:(adv.) perhaps, possibly
(n.) a mere possibility or probability


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