shameless promotion

Believe me when I say I have no intention of turning this blog into one that is full of nothing but shameless promotion. This blog is for enjoyment purposes and I hope you will laugh along with me in my ever revolving ever evolving quest to make money. This is where the shameless promotion part comes in. 

Writing jobs are my only source of income right now. Honestly, this is great. I love writing. I continue to grab articles wherever I can find them. Today I got a bright idea. See, I happen to have a Business PayPal account. The business I had it for is no more. I couldn’t figure out how to advertise. I’m just not good at that shameless promotion. okay, last time I’ll say that… maybe…

What’s this Bright Idea

You may be becoming a little frightened. That’s okay. I’m an introvert who’s stepping way out of her comfort zone here. I’m a little frightened myself. I started poking around PayPal to see what I could do as far as accepting payments from customers and starting a new business.

The articles I’ve been writing lately have all benefited somebody’s business. Perhaps it was an article similar to this one to appear on the main company’s website. Maybe it was a review written for somebody to make a little cash off of Amazon. I really don’t know what they’re using them for.

That’s where the idea started. I thought about friends who own their own businesses. I thought about how an article like the ones I was writing would benefit them and their businesses. I decided to offer direct order purchasing of my writing skills.

Do you own a website or run a blog? Are you looking for fresh content? Purchasing an article that is well researched and written just for you might be the answer you’re looking for. My name is Tiffany Higgins, and you have somehow landed yourself at my blog. More specifically, you are visiting my hire me page. This is great news for you because I write articles for a living. [Read More]

I’ll leave it up to you to check out the details. I am just documenting my journey for everyone to see. And like I said, everyone could do with a little shameless promotion. including me while I expand my business.


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