if it weren’t for bad luck…

I may sound a little paranoid. I may even be starting to think that the world is out to get me. Okay, maybe I am getting a little paranoid. But, I refuse to give up. Before you decide if I’m being melodramatic, let me tell you a little bit about how life has been going for us. Then, I’ll let you be the judge.

I’ll begin here

I’m just going to give you a peek. A small glimpse into my life for the last couple of weeks.

I had a job interview last week. I needed a new pair of slacks for the interview. We also needed some groceries. My husband, our daughter, and I headed out shopping. This was all the evening before my job interview. On the way home, the brakes went out in the car.

My husband gets a ride to the auto parts store to get a new caliper. They don’t have the part. The guy assures him that he can have the part there by 8 in the morning. This will leave my husband plenty of time to fix the car before my interview.

My father-in-law shows up bright and early to take him to the auto parts store. The part is in as promised. The guy ordered the wrong part. The parts employee makes a few calls and locates the right part. It’s thirty minutes away and the clock is ticking. Off they go.

They get the correct part and get back here. My husband is working frantically against the clock to fix the car in time for my interview. He gets everything finished, goes to bleed the brakes, and there’s a leak in the brake line. The car is off to the mechanic and my father-in-law drives me to my interview.

a few days later

My husband’s phone makes a sound like he got a message. He clicks the messaging button and receives a pop up that messaging has stopped working. He tries again. Same message.

He reboots his phone, thinking it will fix the problem. When it reboots, it loads to the provider screen and freezes there. After trying everything we could think of and everything I researched online, he takes it to the service provider store.

They tell him it’s fried. $40 later, and he has a new phone. All his information, contacts, etc… fried with the first phone. He’s starting over from scratch.

a few more days go by

I’ve picked up a new writing job and I’ve got a new interview. Oops, we forgot to pay the internet bill. Spent a day waiting for them to turn it back on. That’s our fault, and the interview went well. I used my phone as hotspot to keep working on my writing job. Since the internet was our fault, I’ll call this a good day. They do still happen from time to time.

but, the next day

Wake up to no electricity. They are claiming we didn’t pay the bill. This one we did pay. It will take half the day to get it turned back on. oops, here’s your payment right here in our system. I hate computers.

But, I have two job interviews, and I can’t let the sweltering heat or lack of air conditioning deter me. Both interviews go well. I expect to hear from them in the coming week.

later that night

Here I am, knowing that I am expecting phone calls from a possible 3 different places. Heck that first job interview was only a little over a week ago, so they could still call me, too. I get a pop up that android has stopped working on my phone. Android is the OS. Not good.

Knowing that my husband had used the reboot option when his messaging quit, I opted to turn my phone off, wait the appropriate count to 30, and then turn it back on.


Now, my phone will only open to this android screen. It won’t even make it to the next loading screen that is the service provider screen my husband’s was loading to. My phone is fried.

With all the extra expenses already incurred over the last couple of weeks, we don’t have another $40 to spend to replace my phone. If we did, we would have simply replaced them together to begin with.

Not giving up

How fitting is it that today’s The Daily Post one-word prompt is stubborn?


That’s me in a nutshell. Headstrong. Determined. Stubborn. I refuse to give up. Even when it feels like the odds are stacked against me. Even when faced with probabilities that seem hopeless. Even when I can’t seem to find a way to access my voicemail from another phone. I will not give up.

Perhaps teaismyjam of Fountain was right that I could write a book that just has snippets of my day to day life. I promise you, my life is usually pretty boring. But for whatever reason, 2016 has decided to change all that.

Well, I’ve got writing to do and $40 to make magically appear out of thin air. I’ll check back in later. Maybe my luck will start turning around.

UPDATE: That $40 is still being elusive. However, I did get a hold of somebody at customer support. Yay for customer support that’s open on SaturdaysThey were able to reset my voicemail. This means if anyone called me today, I do not get their message because everything in my voicemail was reset/deleted. However, from this moment forward I am able to call from a different phone (most likely my husband’s phone) and listen to any voicemail messages that may be left. I can then return the call and still get the job!

I am stubborn. I don’t give up on a problem until it is solved. That perseverance will always prevail.


2 thoughts on “if it weren’t for bad luck…

    1. Thanks. If you’ve seen a lamp, send it my way. I will rub that baby til it shines! I’m hopeful that I’ll get the callbacks, just not sure how I’ll access them. Can’t figure out what the password is to my voicemail. I tried everything I’d have set it to and everything that it says is the default. No luck. Still trying. Not giving up. I’m stubborn.

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