almost there

I have spent most of the day pouring over this writing job. I’m so close to finished. The deadline is tomorrow.


I only need 510 more words. Here’s my dilemma. I don’t want it to sound repetitive. I don’t want it to sound like I added a bunch of unnecessary fluff words. But there just isn’t that much information about this product out there.

I suppose I could devote most of it to more testimonials. But how many testimonials is too many? They didn’t ask for a specific number. The testimonials section simply says the writer can create such.

My brain is in overload and my deadline is tomorrow. How do you handle these difficult writing assignments that want more words than there is information on the subject? I’d appreciate some help and feedback.


2 thoughts on “almost there

  1. Gosh, so weird to be on the other side of the pen. I used to teach writing every day…but to fifth graders. And I don’t know professional parameters. I used to encourage my kiddos to use analogies and comparisons. What are your options?


    1. Oh goodness. I bet you take a red pen to all your work just by having been a teacher. (I’m one of those that if I had a red pen, I’d probably mark up my screen as I scroll through FB lol).
      If you like analogies and comparisons, embrace them. Writing should feel natural to the writer. The best advice I read as I began this new adventure was to write like you’re sharing with a friend. That’s where the personal touch comes in that will draw readers whom are going to connect with you in a deeper level. 🙂


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