what a day it’s been

Is it okay if I spend this post praising myself? I don’t see why not. The daily prompt from The Daily Post word prompts are simply a jumping off point to get the writing juices flowing, right? And, it is important to give yourself a pat on the back every now and again.

What’s so good about morning, anyway?

Today started off pretty rough. Woke up before the alarm went off. It was getting really hot in the bedroom. What’s wrong with the danged air conditioner? I wondered to myself.

It wasn’t the air conditioner. We had no electricity. Somehow the electic company had gotten it into their system that we hadn’t paid the bill. I assure you that it was indeed paid.

No electricity meant no coffee. Coffee is this girl’s best friend second only to her husband. The husband. My knight in shining armor.

With our percolator in storage, there was no way to brew coffee on the stove. My wonderful husband boiled a pan of water and then slow dripped through the grounds in the basket of our drip pot. He managed coffee. It was weak but it was something.

Getting ready for a busy day

It took many hours to get the electricity issue fixed. In the meantime, I still had to get ready for the day. I had to bathe. We had no electricity and it was already pushing 90 degrees outside. I prayed I wouldn’t sweat while I got dressed.

The natural lighting in this place is terrible. It felt like I was applying makeup in the dark. The humidity was so thick you could practically cut it with a knife. I worried what it would do to my already wild and untamable curls. Coconut oil really is a great friend to curls. I actually managed to tame them and they didn’t frizz out.

The first interview

The power comes back on shortly before I have to leave. I hop into the hot car and head to my first job interview for the day. It’s a classic car and was one day very beautiful, I’m sure. Today, I just wished it was air conditioned.

I arrive at my first interview a little ahead of schedule. I’m greeted by a rather bubbly employee who seems genuinely glad to hear I am there for an interview. She sends me to a bench to wait for the manager.

The interview itself was great. The manager was a very nice lady and we spent more time chatting than actually discussing the job or anything else you’d expect to talk about during an interview. That’s okay. I think she could get a great feel for who I am through those conversations.

The interview was over pretty quick. She assures me not to worry about how quick it was. Interviews with her are always quick. She’s a people reader and doesn’t need much time to get to know a person. She tells me she will call me later today to schedule my second interview. She hasn’t called yet.

Swing back home

I have a couple hours to kill before my next job interview and there is no air conditioning in the car so I swing back home. I drink down a nice tall glass of water and stand in front of the air conditioner. The last thing I want is to go to my next interview all sweaty and smelly.

My second job interview

Just as I’m finally starting to feel cooled off, it’s time to hop in that hot car again and head for my second job interview. I left early, unsure of how long it would take or how the traffic would be along the way.

I arrive at this second interview way too early. I debate on sitting out in the car just a while longer. I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to make the interview time more convenient for myself. Less than five minutes in that hot car without the benefit of wind resistance, and I’m changing my mind. I still don’t want to arrive sweaty and smelly.

It turns out that my early arrival was a blessing to the interviewer. The pharmacy manager who was supposed to interview me had been called away to another store. The pharmacist interviewed me herself.

We had a really great conversation. I felt relaxed and at ease as I answered her questions. She tells me that she believes I’d be a great fit to the team and plans to recommend me to the pharmacy manager. However, they have a couple more interviews set up for next week before they make their final decision. They will call me by Friday if I have the job.

I left there feeling pretty darned good. I liked hearing that she believes I’ll fit well with the team. My hopes are high. Friday seems so far away.

Back home I go

I’m driving home with an invisibility cloak on the whole car. How you can miss a boat like our 86 Fifth Avenue I really can’t say. Idiots are cutting me off left and right. I’m grateful for the new brake lines and brakes. Could have been a really bad day for somebody. Their fiberglass versus my steel, I think I’d have come out on top of that one.

I’m still driving behind the idiot that seems to have forgotten there’s a world around him. I’m fairly certain he’s been imbibing on his way home from work, so I keep my distance. I get about halfway home, and these fat raindrops start hitting the windshield. I’m not a huge fan of driving in the rain, but rain could cool things off a bit.

It quits raining, and I’m left to wonder if I imagined those fat drops. Did I drive through a cloud? It rained while I stopped at a corner and made a right hand turn. The rain had stopped before I even made it onto the new road fully. So much for cooler temps. Sweating and miserable, windows rolled all the way down because who cares what my curls do now, I am done for the day.

There’s still work to do

At home, I pull out the article I am working on. The client has hired me to do a job. The client doesn’t know or care that I am also seeking traditional employment. He doesn’t know that I almost couldn’t work on the article today because the electric company made a mistake. He just knows that he hired me to write an article. So write it I must.

Back to research, write, repeat I go. The article is coming along. I think I have tweaked and edited and rewritten all I can to the sections I’ve completed. I am almost to the halfway point of my word count. I find myself hoping that the sections I left off will bring me closer. I’m starting to worry 3,000 is too many words for this subject.

Patting myself on the back

I’m exhausted. Between the unconventional start to my day, the horrendous heat, the job interviews, and the work I got done on my writing job I feel like I’ve been running all day.

I did a really great job holding myself together. The two interviewers I met with today had no clue how crazy my day had been. The article is moving along at an acceptable pace. I have no plans for tomorrow except to focus on the writing job. But for now, I have just one question…

Is it bedtime yet?

I’m a night owl. Going to bed before midnight is mostly unheard of. It’s summertime. The kids have no desire to even pretend like sleep is an option in the summer. Today, I wish I could just crawl into bed and crash. It’s not even 9 o’clock. Working on that pot of coffee I didn’t get this morning just to get through.

It’s been one of those days.


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