research, write, repeat…

Today’s The Daily Post writing prompt is craving. I’ve been itching to write an article for someone else. Today, I visited one of my go to sites and found something that could scratch that itch. It’s been about 9 hours since I set out to work on my newest assignment. This one is for a 3,000 word product review that does not come off sounding like an advertisement or a testimonial. 


Once you have the product information, you have to research it. You start at the products website and glean all the useful information that you can directly from the source. Then, move across the web finding any other articles or pertinent information about only your specific assigned product. You have to be careful not to use too much information that is generalized to your product category.

Take notes. Keep your notes brief and avoid writing down verbatim sentences. You wouldn’t want to be caught plagiarizing, would you? I know I wouldn’t. Organize your notes into sections. These sections will usually be your subheadings.


Take your carefully organized notes and begin writing. This first draft will be the bare bones of your piece. Be certain that all the information you wish to share is included in this original skeleton. Don’t worry so much about language. That can be fixed later.

This is where I generally print off my first copy. I’m a very hands on writer. My notes are generally on notebook paper, post-its, or both.


I take that first copy, and I write allover it. I make notes on the sentences I want to improve. I markup which words I’d like to change. I keep a thesaurus handy so that I don’t seem to be stuck on repeat. In these types of assignments it is okay to repeat words, but you do not want your reader to become bored. It’s also important that you avoid using flowery language or words not generally used in daily conversation.

I make note of areas I need to do more research. I mark paragraphs for beefing up that look so bare compared to their friends. It’s important that each section looks similar to those around it for a smoother reading experience.


After I have noted which areas need more information, I return to the web for more research. This could be a section I accidentally forgot or an area that is in need of beefiness.

I return to my word processor and begin filling in the blank areas. I try to be careful not to become repetitive in the information I am providing. It is important that the reader feels like they continue to learn new material from each section.

I print it out again. I take my highlighter and my pen and I attack my words again. There are cuts and adjustments and rewrites galore. I try not to get discouraged.

Take your time

It is not a race. The client doesn’t want the fastest article you can write. This will only produce sub par results. Assignments generally come with a deadline. You are welcome to use every minute of it. In fact, it is encouraged that you take all the time allotted to ensure that you are turning in a quality product for your client.

Today, I would say I am on track. The client has requested a 3,000 word product review to be featured on the website. The instructions detailing what they are looking for are 3 pages long. I typed out the first draft, edited it, and have printed off a new copy. I’m setting the new copy aside for the evening and will pick it up for editing purposes tomorrow.

This is my final word count for the day.

Of the 3,000 words I need to write, I have completed more than one third of them. The deadline is in 3 days. I’m on track with where I need to be. I have a few sections that look bare and a couple of sections I haven’t begun yet. These are the more difficult sections to write, so I purposefully left them off of my bare bones. These sections are merely subheadings at the moment.


3 thoughts on “research, write, repeat…

    1. I’m so glad my thoughts could help you. We each develop our own writing style. I am naturally scatter brained. The above mentioned article I’m writing is currently spread out all over my bed, mixed in with other papers that have nothing to do with it. Lol.

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