let the waiting begin…

I had another job interview today. I wasn’t positive how long the drive would be or where exactly it was, so I left early. I arrived with about 15 minutes to spare. I took a few moments to mentally prepare myself. I grabbed my folder full of resumes, references, and certificates and headed for the door.

the interview

I got the interviewers name wrong. I knew to whom I had addressed my cover letter, but had forgotten to write down the interviewers name when it was given to me. I took a chance that they’d be one in the same. I was wrong.

While they do want the resume, they also have a packet for employment that you need to fill out. Some of the information will be contained in both. So she sets me up in this huge conference room and leaves me there filling out the paperwork. You can’t help but wonder if they are watching you while you write.

Moments after I’ve completed the paperwork, she pops up in the hallway and peeks in. I made some lame comment about her perfect timing. I hear myself making these lame comments or jokes at an interview, but I am powerless to stop it. I’m nervous.

The interview itself seemed to run smooth. I was much more relaxed. I think I still talked a little excessively. That’s okay though. It was all pertinent information.

the wait

The interview went well. I felt confident by the end. She told me that they would be in touch. She then went on to assure me that they will call either way. First they need to run all the background checks, then all that information passes multiple desks and requires multiple signatures before making it back to them. It could be a few weeks.

Now I wait. But this time I wait with more confidence. This time I feel like I have a chance. I actually have two more job interviews tomorrow. While I’m waiting, I’m not counting it a sure thing.

making money on the side

It’s important to keep moving forward in my writing  career, so I picked up a job. It’s a 3,000 word article, and the pay isn’t bad. I’ve got three days to write it. Off to get some work done. This girl has got bills to pay.

Good luck to all the fellow job hunters out there. Chin up. We’ll get through this together.


2 thoughts on “let the waiting begin…

  1. It would be so nice if you could write a book, that just has snippets of your day to day life. You make it sound incredibly interesting.

    Also, you make one small mistake in the spelling of ‘pertinent’, just above ‘The wait’. I know it’s not that important, but still. 😃


    1. Thank you teaismyjam for catching my spelling mistake. I wonder how spell check missed it and google didn’t underline it in red?
      I think it would probably be cool to write a book with snippets of my day to day life, but I fear my life is way too boring for readers to buy it. Maybe someday as my life is changing rapidly right now. For now, I’ll just share these snippets for free as I learn to navigate the world of blogging. It’s kind of fun that way, isn’t it?

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