Netflix confession…

As you know from our dog has epilepsy, we had a really rough start to last week. During those 2 days of cluster seizures, we got little to no sleep. Bear is doing better now. He hasn’t had a seizure since last Tuesday night (knock on wood).

I was not writing during those days. Instead, I found something on Netflix  to relax and watch between seizures. That turned into a week of binge watchingBlue Bloods.

We ditched the cable company months ago. We decided that the cost of cable TV was outrageous. We had our Netflix. There are plenty of other options for television, including the networks own apps and websites. Why pay outrageous prices for something you can do for a small percentage of the cost?

Occasionally, I do turn on the TV and watch whatever the antenna picks up from the local airwaves. One day, the only thing that was coming in clearly was Blue Bloods. I had never actually watched it before. It caught my interest. I wanted to know what happened to lead up to the episode I caught, and I was curious where they went after that episode was over.

So, when I was searching for something to watch while too tired to focus on much of anything, I decided to check out the pilot episode. Then, the next episode and the one after that. Next thing I know, I’m binge watching all the way through season 6. The only thing that stopped me is the fact that I ran out of episodes to watch. Turns out, it’s a pretty cool cop show.

Have you ever sat down to check out a show and ended up binge watching? The only other time I can recall binge watching until we ran out of episodes was when my husband and I discovered Game of Thrones. They were in season 3 then. Now, we are all caught up and the rumor mill says it’s drawing to an end. What will we watch then?


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