Alright, so here we go…

I’ve spent quite a day on the internet. I spent the first part of my day researching what open jobs there are in the freelance writing industry. These pennies for ghostwriting obscure articles nobody wants to write just aren’t cutting it. I’m miserable and having trouble getting my thoughts together while I write for them. So, I’m expanding. What do you need to do to expand? Networking. A blog full of your words, real life examples of your prose, of your mind.

I set myself up with a new LinkedIn account, though admittedly I still have no understanding of LinkedIn, but I am willing to try and learn again. And when I finished there, I came here.

Now, I have a WordPress blog and a keyboard. I spent the evening building myself a beautiful blog, though I admit it is still a work in progress. I intend to spend some of my writing time here. I am not sure what it will be. I will share my thoughts, write wonderful stories just because I feel like it, and I will exercise with writing prompts because I absolutely love them. And whenever allowed, I will share links to anything I have published in my freelance writing.

Meet me…

I am Tiffany Higgins, award winning children’s author, novelist, and freelance writer. Find the links to purchase my books below:

NaNoWriMo 2011 novel I wrote under a pen name
          Child Eater by Tifanne Messer

Illustrated Children’s Books ages birth-7
          We’ve Seen Santa  by Tiffany A Higgins illustrated by Clark L Higgins
          I Love the Changing Seasons by Tiffany A Higgins illustrated by Clark L Higgins
2013 KART Kids Book List Award Winner
          Monster Beneath my Bed by Tiffany A Higgins illustrated by Clark L Higgins

Early Reader Chapter book with chapter illustrations ages 8-13
          Bully Troubles by Tiffany A Higgins illustrated by Clark L Higgins

I’m not going to try to sell here, just putting it out there. If you’re curious, go check it out. I’ll wait. If not let’s continue on…

I’ve also been the ghostwriter in a few blogs and some websites, but as is the nature of ghostwriting, I cannot share these articles and items with you.

But, I am more than just my writing. I’m an introvert. I don’t handle crowds well, and I don’t generally share out loud. Writing is a great outlet when you struggle to share the real you. You share so much of yourself when you write a piece, even fiction. Your voice shines through, pieces of you exposed for the world to see. Safely, from behind your keyboard, you peek out of the shell.

I’m a wife and a mother. This means you may get to read a dumb stuff my husband does… or  can you believe one of my kids thought… post from time to time. I’ve been married to my husband for ten years, known him for more than twenty. We have a ten year old daughter who is wise beyond her years. She seems to want to know about everything. Which is great. I loved to learn at her age and still enjoy researching and discovering new to me ideas to ponder and consider. But she’s at that age where she believes everything her brother tells her and over worries herself about every little thing he puts in her head. Which brings me to our eighteen year old son who just knows everything as eighteen year old kids often do. There is no reaching him at this point. I hope he’s listening in there while he acts like he’s too good for anything his parents might have to teach him.

Just keep reminding myself it’s a phase. They outgrow each and every one, and hopefully with the lessons life taught them through those years. We as parents take away lessons from each of these phases, these little moments. We learn something new about ourselves and we get to know our kids. Overall, I’ve been blessed with a couple pretty great kids and an awesome, supportive husband. I’m one of the lucky ones.

There is much more to learn about me, my writing and even my family. Click follow in the sidebar to be notified when I post. This introvert is poking her head out of her shell, and her followers are in for one heck of a ride…


8 thoughts on “Alright, so here we go…

    1. Thank you! They were a lot of fun to write and publish. It helps that my husband was my illustrator. 🙂
      I would love to be a travel writer just to be able to travel. It sounds so fun. But it seems so hard to me. (And expensive) I bet it’s an awesome field to get in to. I seem to be drawn toward the health articles and product review/ information articles myself.

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