Netflix confession…

As you know from our dog has epilepsy, we had a really rough start to last week. During those 2 days of cluster seizures, we got little to no sleep. Bear is doing better now. He hasn’t had a seizure since last Tuesday night (knock on wood).

I was not writing during those days. Instead, I found something on Netflix  to relax and watch between seizures. That turned into a week of binge watching Continue reading


homemade salisbury steak

I love Salisbury Steak. What I don’t love is how high in sodium TV dinners are. I came up with this recipe because I had a craving and did not want to buy the frozen, high sodium option. My family devours it every time. While this is not a cooking blog, I will share some of my great recipes from time to time because I really do love to cook and sometimes I come up with real crowd pleasers.
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